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Become a Participating Outlet for the GFSB Christmas Wonderland Promotion 2023

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The GFSB is determined to support all businesses whether they are members or future members of the GFSB.

We want to drive forward opportunities for prosperity for all and as a business, all you have to do is grasp the opportunity and take part.

What is it all about?

The GFSB introduces the first Christmas Wonderland Sweepstake – a competition that rewards customers for spending locally this Christmas.

Launching On Friday 24 November with the festival of lights, continuing through the Christmas Party in Town and ending on Christmas Eve.

Spend local and be a winner this Christmas

The GFSB will be working with local businesses to generate fabulous prize bundle(s) worth £xxx so you can win when you spend locally this Christmas.

How Does it Work for Consumers? 

  1. Spend £50 at participating businesses
  2. Send a photo of the receipt to to enter (1 entry per £50 spent).
  3. Repost and tag on social media for extra chances to win big.

Terms and conditions apply

When will this sweepstake take Place?

The Christmas Wonderland Sweepstake will be running from Friday 24 November to Sunday 24 December.
The Prize draw will take place at midday on Sun 24 December.

The GFSB will be running a 4-week promotional campaign featuring participating outlets with the idea that it will drive and increase trade in those outlets.

Participating businesses will be asked to drive the message through their own socials and mailing lists to really get the message out there that it is worth spending local this Christmas.

As a business what will you need to do?

Each retailer/restaurant/business will be asked to donate a prize worth at least £50 to become a participating outlet.
The GFSB will bundle prizes into hampers of a set financial amount  (the number of bundles depends on the number of participants).

The winner is drawn – original receipts are verified – prizes are given – and lots of exposure for the winner and participating stores, restaurants, and businesses.

Do you have multiple stores? You have options

You would be welcome to enter each business with one donation per business OR one higher value donation equivalent to £50 per business. The choice is yours.
We are looking to include some big ticket items in each prize bundle so we welcome group donations in excess of £50.

What is in it for you the business?

  1. Encourage footfall to your place of business during a peak shopping period also known as the “Golden Quarter” for retail and the Food and Beverage industry.
  2. The potential to see new first-time customers in your store or restaurant (imagine the repeat business and FREE word-of-mouth advertising).
  3. List as a participating business and get free advertising via the GFSB Wonderland Campaign.
  4. Encourage customers to spend more to get into the £50+ bracket
  5. Stand out from your competition – why would they shop or eat next door if they could take part in the sweepstake competition by making their purchase with you?
  6. Be a part of a 4-week promotional campaign (free advertising)

Take part in the GFSB Christmas Wonderland Promotion – A worthwhile small investment, for a great return and publicity campaign.