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Women In Enterprise launches Lean in Program at IWD breakfast.

By 21st March 2023News

The GFSB Women In Enterprise group hosted a successful breakfast workshop at the Garrison
Library to mark International Women’s Day 2023. The event reflected the themes being
explored by many women and supportive men, across the Rock IWD once again gave the
opportunity to focus on the need for greater diversity, inclusion and dialogue surrounding
balance between the genders.
Opening the event, Minister Sacramento reminded those gathered that IWD has a long history
in Gibraltar and will continue to be marked until the balance between genders is visibly
addressed. Fiona Young then addressed the audience from a historical context, reminding
those gathered that human survival as a species depends on better allocation of tasks and
division of labour based on skill, ability and circumstance -rather than on contrived assumptions
about Gender. Stewart Harrison then inspired the audience with his explanation of the role he
has had in normalising gender harmony in cyber-space world, creating a new generation of
diverse coders, programmers and computer scientists. Rebecca Jackson then assisted the
participants to divide into small groups to experience the Lean-in methodology first hand. Giving
each other insights into questions such as “what would you do with an extra hour?” “what one
word would your friend use to describe you?” and “what advice would you give to your younger
self?”- helped the participants explore together their personal needs, approaches and
experiences in a way framed to build empathy, connection and understanding.
Michaela Rees and His Worship the Mayor then closed the event with heartfelt pleas to those
gathered to encourage others to join in the dialogue about diversity. His Worship the Mayor
identified that he was “preaching to the choir” referencing the almost exclusively female
audience. It was recognized that until the outstanding matters are discussed between the
genders and a diverse range of people actively engage together on addressing these matters,
the movement towards diversity will remain extremely slow, which holds the whole of the
community back.
The general conclusion was that there needs to be far greater opportunity for men and women
to work side by side tackling stereotypes, sharing domestic tasks and identifying and utilizing a
person’s key strengths -regardless of gender. While it is clear there is much more to be done
and a much wider audience to reach before hopes for change can become a reality, the event
cemented the understanding that an excellent starting point is honest discourse and connection
between colleagues and peers, both men and women. The GFSB and WIE will be providing
more information on how to receive training to create Lean in Circles in their workplace.
Anyone wanting more information about this, or becoming a member of the GFSB Women in

Enterprise, please email Georgie at