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The 4 Day Working Week.

By 7th July 2023News

GFSB Board member and businesswoman Michaela Rees who has had experience with a four-day working week was asked to take part in the GBC Viewpoint programme on the 6th of July alongside Wendy Cumming GGCA Union president, Damex Director of Operations Thomas Johnson and Businessman James Brenig, as well as Dr. Karl Alvarez, Occupational Health Services Medical Director.
The concept of a four-day working week globally has seen an increase in popularity with benefits such as great productivity within the workplace, increased happiness with a better work-life balance, less sickness and absenteeism, reduced stress, and a better workplace environment.
Many countries are trialling the idea in various formats and to date a staggering 92% of companies continue to offer reduced hours to staff after the initial trial period.GBC did ask the Government for its stance and a spokesperson said they would not consider the idea, nor any proposal that increases cost given the need to restore financial stability.

What are your thoughts on the four-day working week?