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GFSB Business Innovation Award

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GFSB Business Innovation Award sponsored by Gibtelecom

The Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses is happy to announce the opening of applications for next years GFSB Business Innovation Award sponsored by Gibtelecom. The online application form can be found on our Awards page on our website and needs to be submitted before Friday 20th March 2020. Over the last few years, we have been extremely happy with the number of participants and the high standard of Innovation. We are also very happy that Gibtelecom has decided to again sponsor this award and give the winner an amazing prize of £2,000 worth of IT and communications equipment.


GFSB welcome Minister for Business

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GFSB welcome Minister for Business

The Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses would like to thank the Government for their assigning of a Minister of Business who has a wealth of experience and knowledge as a local businessman. The GFSB has been asking to reinstate a Minister of Small Business for some time, and are pleased to see that this has happened directly after the election campaign.

We would also like to thank the GSLP Government for its commitment in both our Pre-Election Debate and indeed in the GSLP Manifesto, that they would match the Main Street Business Improvement District investment pound for pound with the local business community.

The GFSB Board look forward to working with Minister Vijay Daryanani, and believe that together we can help make Gibraltar an even better place to do business.

BID Thank You Press Release

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Business Improvement District (BID) Thank You Press Release
Last year the GFSB published the Main Street Review. The top recommendation in the review was to create a Business Improvement District (BID).

Since then the GFSB has been working with a variety of local businesses and Mo Aswat from the Mosaic Partnership to form a BID in the town area.
The GFSB is extremely happy with the support provided by the Chief Minister, the Minister of Business and the Gibraltar Government. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them publicly. This endeavour will benefit Gibraltar PLC and with their assistance, the BID will be a great success.

“We welcomed the Government’s backing before the elections and are extremely happy that they have decided to back the BID by promising pound for pound financial support. This means that every pound a local business pays into the BID will be matched by Government. We can achieve a great deal more together. We are pleased to work in partnership with the Government in this exciting venture.” GFSB Chairperson Julian Byrne.

“Place Management and BIDs work best when there are committed partners in both the public and private sectors. We are extremely pleased that this is the case with our work in Main Street/Irish Town & side streets, and we look forward to working together to create a strong business plan to realise the ambitions that all have.” Mosaic Partnership Founder & Director Mo Aswat.

“The Government has been working closely with the GFSB on the concept of the Business Improvement District (BID) for some time. We are committed to creating the conditions in which to generate economic wealth which in turn brings prosperity and employment to our people. We have told the GFSB that we will back the scheme on a pound for pound basis and will continue this work to bring the project to fruition.”
Minister for Business, Mr Vijay Daryanani.

More details on the BID can be found at

GFSB Leaders’ Business Debate

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GFSB Pre-election debate 2019

The GFSB is pleased to launch its traditional leaders’ debate with a focus on business issues.

Brexit is looming.  What will it mean for Gibraltar and the business community?

It will be an opportunity to discuss and debate, everything from the uncertain political landscape in the UK and Spain to small business issues,  E-Gov and the changing face of Main Street.

A special 1.5 hour mid-campaign event where party leaders Fabian Picardo (GSLP/Liberals), Keith Azopardi (GSD) and Marlene Hassan-Nahon (Together Gibraltar) will spell out their policies, and debate business issues.

Get answers to the issues that matter to you in a Q&A session after the main debate.

The debate is hosted by journalist and broadcaster James Neish.

Who will be our next Chief Minister?  Wednesday 2nd October at the Ince’s Hall Theatre at 7pm.

GFSB Pre-election Wish List 2019

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GFSB Pre-election Wish List 2019

We want to make Gibraltar an attractive place to do business, keeping costs and bureaucracy down as much as possible. It needs to be easy for businesses to start and flourish. We believe the Government can really help to encourage businesses which in turn help Gibraltar PLC. Below we have gathered a wish list from members of things we would all like to see.


Social Insurance contributions. Government to commit that there will be no further increases above inflation, and these to always be in July to tie in with most companies’ financial year.
No above-inflation increases to utilities or minimum wage.

A review of the import duty rates and guidelines. Possibility of lower rates for local traders as opposed to personal imports on some retail items. To be discussed with GFSB.

Nurturing Scheme to be revived and funds to be provided in a reasonable time frame.

Funding schemes beyond Business Nurturing Scheme in combination with the private sector.


Implementation of the new Business Licensing / Fair Trading Act reduced bureaucracy and full online facilities.

Remove fees to register vacancies and new employees of a business and commitment that Employment Services fees will not rise further, nor add further fees.

E-Gov – to have full online facilities for employment, corporate tax, PAYE and social insurance within a realistic timescale. Already two elections have gone by and this is yet to be delivered.

Gazette to be published online for free use by the public and to implement an Open Government Licence for Gibraltar Laws, Gazettes and Gibraltar Case Reports.

One-Stop-Shop – This is still not in place. Too much-repeated paperwork. Work with GFSB to make this a reality

Remove annual fees to remain on Government procurement list.

Online list or document explaining all incentives/tax relief schemes available to businesses.

General reduction of costs and hurdles for micro and small businesses.


Facilitate tourism from non-EU destinations by providing “special tourist visas” for a limited period for visitors from countries such as China, India, Thailand, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine etc.  

Open discussions with regards to improved city taxi service with the GFSB.

Clearer communication with the GFSB of cruise call reductions and reasons.


Continued support for the BID and a commitment to match BID members’ investment pound for pound.

Cruise terminal duty-free shop should be reconsidered as it has an unfair advantage and is affecting business.


HMGoG to support all Gibraltar service providers in international campaigns / representation.

Incentives and/or support for Gibraltar based small companies and/or startups in this sector, particularly for business owners who suffer most due to large upfront regulatory fees. For example, tax incentives on income received from properties built in a particular time period were given in previous years. Why can’t similar support be given for other new particular sectors?


More emphasis on technology in school education.

Better education and training in schools to include vocational qualifications in essential skills e.g. plumbing, car mechanics, childcare, elderly care, hospitality, retail management, customer care etc 


All government procurement of goods and services to be via public tender with standard minimum timelines – an end to expressions of interest and extremely short periods of time within which to respond to invitations. 

Make the tender process as transparent as possible. Particular consideration for conflicts of interest between civil service and those being awarded tenders.

UK Double Taxation Agreement

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GFSB welcomes UK Double Taxation Agreement announcement

The GFSB notes and welcomes the recent announcement of the intention to draw up a Double Taxation Agreement (“DTA”) between Gibraltar and the UK. The GFSB believes that such an agreement would modernise tax arrangements with the UK and simplify matters for those of its members that do business with the UK.

Whilst the details of the final DTA are important, any agreement should encourage trade between Gibraltar and the UK and, as such, the GFSB makes itself available to assist HM Government of Gibraltar with the upcoming process.

Main Street Image

PR: Main Street BID

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Main Street BID

Over the last eighteen months, the GFSB has received many complaints from our retail members about worsening trading conditions. It is a well-publicised fact that town centres throughout the world are facing similar difficulties.

With this in mind, the GFSB contracted retail analyst Kerching in 2018. The brief was to conduct a review of Main Street and propose changes to make our town centre a more attractive destination.

One of the key recommendations in the report was to form a Business Improvement District (BID), which could manage and co-ordinate the proposed improvements.

We are delighted to announce that we have now appointed Mosaic, leading experts in this field, who have prepared and managed more than one hundred BIDs throughout the world.

We would like to thank everyone who has participated in the process up to now, especially the Government of Gibraltar, who have shown their commitment and enthusiasm for the benefits that a BID can bring by making a significant financial contribution to get this initiative off the ground.

GFSB spokesperson said, “The Federation looks forward to engaging with all stakeholders – trading bodies, retailers, members of the public and others to make the BID a reality. Our aim is to transform our town centre into a world class destination so that it benefits everyone in Gibraltar, local residents, businesses and visitors alike.  We want everyone to BACK THE BID!”