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Guidance Note on “The Rights of Individuals under the Gibraltar GDPR”

By 16th February 2021News

The Data Protection Commissioner is responsible for the enforcement of data protection law in Gibraltar and upholds the rights of individuals and their privacy.

To help organisations comply with data protection law, the Data Protection Commissioner’s office periodically publishes guidance notes on the Gibraltar General Data Protection Regulation (the “Gibraltar GDPR”) and the Data Protection Act 2004 (the “DPA”).

Therefore, please find attached a copy of our most recent Guidance Note titled “The Rights of Individuals under the Gibraltar GDPR” (the “Guidance Note”), to be distributed within your association/professional body. As the title suggests, the guidance aims to assist individuals in better understanding their privacy rights. The Guidance Note is equally useful for organisations, to assist them in determining how best to process personal data to ensure the rights afforded to individuals under the applicable data protection legislation are upheld.

In addition to the above, please also be advised that the Data Protection Commissioner’s office launched a “Privacy Rights Campaign” on Data Protection Day 2021. To accompany the aforementioned Guidance Note, the Data Protection Commissioner released a collection of short videos and infographics to further highlight the importance of an individual’s privacy rights. The videos may be viewed on the GRA’s YouTube Channel ( and the infographics may be downloaded from the following page:

GDPR & DPA (23) Individuals’ Rights.PDF