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GFSB welcomes Political Framework Agreement 

By 5th January 2021News
The Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses Board welcomes the announcement by HMGOG of a framework agreement for a treaty on Gibraltar’s future relationship with the EU. The Federation notes that local businesses are already enjoying the benefits of what is in effect an additional transitional period, normal frontier fluidity, and the benefits of continued good and co-operative relationship with our neighbour.  Whilst any resetting of our relationship with the EU will not be without its challenges, it will also come with new opportunities.  The Federation is of the firm view that rising to those challenges is by far the preferable position to the alternative – no agreement and the only hard border caused by a hard Brexit in Europe – an outcome which would have had a significant negative impact on local business.  The Federation looks forward to considering the details of the framework agreement and any resulting treaty.

A spokesperson for the Federation commented “The improved frontier fluidity that a future agreement will deliver, will bring huge potential benefits to our members both in terms of improving and increasing the size of our member’s customer base as well as making life easier for staff and business owners.  The possibility that mobility of goods will also be included in a future agreement will open up new markets for our members, as it will likewise bring challenges and new competition.  Gibraltar residents will enjoy unique access to the Schengen area which will no doubt prove to be an extremely attractive proposition for many, and is likely to assist in delivering continued economic prosperity for Gibraltar and indeed the surrounding area”.

The GFSB looks forward to working closely with the Gibraltar Government on their future discussions as they relate to or affect the business community. With over 350 members the GFSB represents a large number of local businesses of all sizes and has first-hand knowledge and understanding of their concerns.