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GFSB wants to make Gibraltar an attractive place to do business.

By 28th June 2023News

This month some of the GFSB Board met with Together Gibraltar to discuss the GFSB Election Wishlist.

The GFSB wants to make Gibraltar an attractive place to do business, keeping costs and bureaucracy down as much as possible.
It needs to be easy for businesses to start and flourish.
We believe the Government can really help to encourage businesses which in turn helps Gibraltar PLC.

Some of the conversation focused on tourism and the need to improve the offering and experience to encourage repeat visits.
The long-term tourism plan and heritage preservation.
The need to improve public transport.
Entry points to be enhanced and beautified with added clear signage.
Support for local businesses and new start-ups.
Reducing the costs associated with running a business.
Transparency and full disclosure within Government.
Training and education.

The GFSB believes Gibraltar can create a more vibrant business environment and the full GFSB Election Wishlist can be read here: Election Wishlist