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GFSB Pre-election Wish List 2019

By 27th September 2019News

GFSB Pre-election Wish List 2019

We want to make Gibraltar an attractive place to do business, keeping costs and bureaucracy down as much as possible. It needs to be easy for businesses to start and flourish. We believe the Government can really help to encourage businesses which in turn help Gibraltar PLC. Below we have gathered a wish list from members of things we would all like to see.


Social Insurance contributions. Government to commit that there will be no further increases above inflation, and these to always be in July to tie in with most companies’ financial year.
No above-inflation increases to utilities or minimum wage.

A review of the import duty rates and guidelines. Possibility of lower rates for local traders as opposed to personal imports on some retail items. To be discussed with GFSB.

Nurturing Scheme to be revived and funds to be provided in a reasonable time frame.

Funding schemes beyond Business Nurturing Scheme in combination with the private sector.


Implementation of the new Business Licensing / Fair Trading Act reduced bureaucracy and full online facilities.

Remove fees to register vacancies and new employees of a business and commitment that Employment Services fees will not rise further, nor add further fees.

E-Gov – to have full online facilities for employment, corporate tax, PAYE and social insurance within a realistic timescale. Already two elections have gone by and this is yet to be delivered.

Gazette to be published online for free use by the public and to implement an Open Government Licence for Gibraltar Laws, Gazettes and Gibraltar Case Reports.

One-Stop-Shop – This is still not in place. Too much-repeated paperwork. Work with GFSB to make this a reality

Remove annual fees to remain on Government procurement list.

Online list or document explaining all incentives/tax relief schemes available to businesses.

General reduction of costs and hurdles for micro and small businesses.


Facilitate tourism from non-EU destinations by providing “special tourist visas” for a limited period for visitors from countries such as China, India, Thailand, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine etc.  

Open discussions with regards to improved city taxi service with the GFSB.

Clearer communication with the GFSB of cruise call reductions and reasons.


Continued support for the BID and a commitment to match BID members’ investment pound for pound.

Cruise terminal duty-free shop should be reconsidered as it has an unfair advantage and is affecting business.


HMGoG to support all Gibraltar service providers in international campaigns / representation.

Incentives and/or support for Gibraltar based small companies and/or startups in this sector, particularly for business owners who suffer most due to large upfront regulatory fees. For example, tax incentives on income received from properties built in a particular time period were given in previous years. Why can’t similar support be given for other new particular sectors?


More emphasis on technology in school education.

Better education and training in schools to include vocational qualifications in essential skills e.g. plumbing, car mechanics, childcare, elderly care, hospitality, retail management, customer care etc 


All government procurement of goods and services to be via public tender with standard minimum timelines – an end to expressions of interest and extremely short periods of time within which to respond to invitations. 

Make the tender process as transparent as possible. Particular consideration for conflicts of interest between civil service and those being awarded tenders.