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GFSB Members Express Frustration and Concern Over Ongoing Power Cuts

By 25th April 2023News

GFSB Members have expressed their concern about the ongoing issue of regular power cuts, which are having a significant impact on their operations, costs of doing business and profitability.

Power outages have become an all-too-common occurrence, with many businesses experiencing frequent disruptions to their power supply. Power cuts such as todays can result in lost productivity, damaged equipment, and reduced customer satisfaction, all of which are impacting the bottom line of local businesses.

The situation is particularly concerning for small businesses, who do not have the resources to invest in backup power solutions or absorb the costs associated with lost revenue and equipment damage.  Power cuts have immediate and direct financial consequences for small business owners.  GFSB Members commented;

We rely heavily on the shop having power to accommodate our upwards of 20 clients per day. With the most recent outage we had to send 4 clients away with wet hair, which also costs us around £300 in lost revenue”. 

GFSB Member: Hairdressing and Beauty Sector

These sudden power cuts are happening too often and without warning.  This morning Main Street was full of tourists just off two cruise liners in port.  Some asked if this is a regular occurrence in Gib.  Others were hesitant to enter a dark shop.  My shop lost business to card paying customers as the broadband system was down.  I’m sure many other shops have lost business too.  I have another shop where we have 4g card machines, so at least those customers could pay by card.  I will now equip all our shops with 4g card terminals.   But this is an added unnecessary expense”

GFSB Member: Retail Industry

“On top loss of direct sales because we can’t finish, serve or sell out product, we suffer losses from having to dispose of half cooked food in our ovens.  Our equipment also regularly suffers damage from power cuts – today it was the fire alarm system that got damaged when power eventually returned. We will need to spend money to fix it.  At a time when the cost of produce and overheads are going up at a rate we simply can’t absorb or plan for, the continuing power cuts just rub salt in the wound.”

GFSB Member: Catering Industry

“As a small business owner, power outages have a significant impact on our day-to-day operations, causing a variety of problems, from lost productivity to lost revenue. Without power, my business comes to a complete standstill as we rely heavily on electronic equipment and computers. This not only causes missed deadlines, unhappy customers and lost revenue, but also damages our reputation with customers who depend on us. Even after power is restored, the disruption caused by outages can lead to a loss of productivity, low morale, and employee frustration. It is very hard to plan for and mitigate the effects of power outages, and the cost to invest in backup generators or uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) is too prohibitive for small businesses. I understand that power outages are a complex issue, but I believe that more can be done to mitigate their effects on small businesses like mine”

GFSB Member: Online Business Owner

“Without electricity, we cannot work on our systems, process orders, invoicing etc.. delays our days work and we have to retain workers where possible to work overtime at extra costs to our business, so we are able to deliver on commitments and not let our customers down.”

GFSB Member: Distribution Business


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