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GFSB Elections Wish list 2022/23

By 28th March 2023News

We want to make Gibraltar an attractive place to do business, keeping costs and bureaucracy down as much as possible.

It needs to be easy for businesses to start and flourish.

We believe the Government can really help to encourage businesses which in turn help Gibraltar PLC.

Below we have gathered a wish list from members of things we would all like to see.



Social Insurance contributions.

Government to commit that there will be no further increases above inflation, and these to always be in July to tie in with the Tax Year and most companies’ financial year. To considerably lower the lowest threshold of SI contributions for those self-employed and part-time workers to promote employment within these categories, without the consequences of forfeiting the majority of the wage earnt to tax contributions.

No above-inflation increases to utilities or minimum wage.

A review of the import duty rates and guidelines.

Possibility of lower rates for local traders as opposed to personal imports on some retail items.

Simplify the whole process and unify rates significantly.

Gibraltar Business Nurturing Scheme.

This initiative is to be revived and rolled out within 3 months following the election.

The allocation of funds when granted to be provided in a reasonable time frame.

Small Business Board.

Reconvene the Small Business Board within 1 month following the election.

The BID.

The Government is to commit to the BIDs continuation in some form.


A UK-type database with second job earnings, donations, and gifts made to individual politicians and political parties.


All government procurement of goods and services to be via public tender with standard minimum timelines – an end to expressions of interest and extremely short periods of time within which to respond to invitations.

Make the tender process as transparent as possible. Particular consideration for conflicts of interest between civil service and those being awarded tenders.





Remove fees to register vacancies and new employees of a business.

A commitment that Employment Services fees will not rise further. Nor the introduction of further fees.

Business Licensing.

The implementation of the new Business Licensing / Fair Trading Act.

Reduce the bureaucracy and offer full online facilities.


To implement full online facilities for employment, corporate tax, PAYE and social insurance within a realistic timescale following the election. Already two elections have gone by and this is yet to be delivered.


This publication to be published online for free use by the public.

Implement an Open Government Licence for Gibraltar Laws, Gazettes and Gibraltar Case Reports.


The Governments One Stop Shop is still not in place and operational benefiting those in need of its support.

Too much-repeated paperwork hinders the current process. The Government to work with GFSB to make this facility fit for purpose and of benefit.

Public Service Standards.

Government to pay all monies owed to suppliers within 30 days of receipt of invoice.

Government to establish an acknowledgment (eg 3 days) and response time (eg 21 days) to all forms of correspondence.

Government to eliminate regulatory burdens on businesses through ‘zero-bureaucracy’ initiatives.

Improvement in standards across all Public Services. 

The Government to provide measurable statistics on Public Service Standards eg cost per transaction, user satisfaction, completion rate, and digital take-up.

Red Card Processing.

Reduce the inordinate current delay to obtaining a discretionary Red Card ID to a reasonable and dictated timeframe eg 4 weeks.




Taxi Service.

Open discussions with the GFSB in regard to improving the city taxi service.


Public transport.

Alternative methods of payment including the night bus service. Specifically by contactless payment. Exact money is discouraging use of residents and visitors. Extend daytime hours of buses to 23.00 (albeit to one per 1/2 hour) on the half hour from Bus Station.

Consider NIGHTTIME service from Bus Station at Midnight, 01.00 & 02.00 on a FRIDAY night and publicise the same.


Cycle Friendly.

More provision of bicycle racks to encourage the use of bicycles around Gibraltar.




Legitimate support for tourism businesses.

To work with the GFSB closely and reconvene The Tourism Board within 1 month following the election.

Double the Tourism Budget and spend it!

Tourism Tax.

Simplify the process, particularly for Landlords with multiple properties. Publicise the exemptions clearly. Use income SPECIFICALLY for Tourism by adding all the receipts to the Tourism Budget.

Long-term Tourism Plan.

Within 3 months of the election publish Long term 5 & 10-year professional strategic plan for tourism including a maintenance plan to ensure the continued upkeep of the tourism product; inclusive of Heritage sites and their preservation.

All points of entry to undergo regeneration and refurbishment to include signage for both pedestrian and vehicles.

Better road signage especially at all roundabouts and points of confluence.

Coach Park Terminal to have a full and comprehensive regeneration/beautification programme.



Better education and training in rehabilitation institutes to include vocational qualifications in essential skills

e.g. technology, plumbing, car mechanics, childcare, elderly care, hospitality, retail management, customer care etc