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Companies House – New Business Name e-Service

By 12th June 2023News

Companies House has been supporting and improving services to local businesses for the past 30 years, subsidising the registration of business names, the fee for which has remained
unchanged throughout this period, and facilitating the administrative aspect of business registration. As part of our continued drive to improve our service and access to this for local
small businesses, we are pleased to announce the launch of a new addition to our online offering.

The owner of any business name registered by an individual who is the holder of a Gibraltar ID card or Civilian Registration card is being offered the option to open a business name
account with Companies House, free of charge. In the first phase of this new service, the business name owner will have access to the following:

• Free e-Monitoring of his/her own business name (including the added benefit of receiving
an automated email reminder of the next renewal);
• Free name search facility (to search for basic registration details of any Gibraltar- registered
• Free access for one year to download business name profiles for his/her own business name;
• Free access for one year to business name e-Searches for his/her own business name; and
• Free access for one year to download copies of any documents filed for his/her own business

In addition, those business name owners who take advantage of this option will be able to file their next business name renewal online in a year’s time via the Companies House e-
Services Platform when this falls due, with payment of the existing fee being payable online. The new business name e-Service will also be incorporated into an iOS Companies House
Gibraltar App that is currently under development, and which will at a future date act as a gateway for users to access other online facilities.

The application form for this new service can be downloaded from our website here: