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GFSB Business Innovation Award opens

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The GFSB is happy to announce the opening of applications for next years (2022) GFSB Business Innovation Award sponsored by Gibtelecom. The online application form can be found on our website at the following link Award Application Form and needs to be submitted before Monday 31st January 2022.
Recent winners have included Crucial Compliance, EBike Gibraltar, Hempassion and who all demonstrated how businesses in Gibraltar are agile and great at innovating to succeed.This year we believe we will see just as many or more innovative businesses apply due to the challenges of COVID and BREXIT and how well local businesses have adapted to these. We look forward to seeing what great ideas existing and new businesses have come up with.

We are also very happy to continue our partnership with Gibtelecom, the sponsor of this award since its inception, who will be giving the winner an amazing prize of £2,000 worth of IT and communications equipment.

Danny Hook, Enterprise Director at Gibtelecom, said “We are proud to have been the GFSB’s Innovation Award partner for many years. Each year we are impressed with how local small businesses adapt and come up with creative solutions to push their businesses to the next level, as well as with how they’ve developed different technologies and processes to help them succeed in their business ventures. It is a great platform to showcase some of the local business talents, which there is plenty of in Gibraltar.”

Eran Shay GFSB Board member and one of the judges said “Innovation is the lifeblood of business and as Steve Jobs once said ‘Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower’.  The GFSB strives to help businesses succeed and there is no better way to do it than by promoting innovation. So if your place is amongst leaders, make sure to enter the Business Innovation Awards.”

GFSB BID initiative gets voted in!

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In 2018 the GFSB commissioned a study of Main Street and its surrounding area to ascertain if there was anything that could be done to help businesses. This was an important exercise to know where the high street was and where it could go. The Main Street Review highlighted a number of things that could be done to improve the whole area for both locals and tourists. The best mechanism for this type of change was with the forming of a Business Improvement District (BID) which have proved very successful in the UK and USA.

The GFSB agreed that a BID would be a great way to move forward, to accomplish some of the findings/recommendations the Main St Review proposed, and spoke to Mosaic Partnership one of the UK’s leading BID implementing firms. Once a budget and plan was put together, the GFSB approached Government to help fund it, which they did. This gave the project the momentum it needed to get started. The Government then later committed to matching pound for pound the contributions made by retail and leisure.

Fast forward past COVID and all the other challenges, to last week, where Isola’s gave the all-important announcement that the BID vote had been successful with over 60% majority voting in favour.

The GFSB is very proud of this initiative and all the work that has been going on behind the scenes for nearly three years to get to this point. Now it is no longer a GFSB project but becomes its very own entity. We truly believe that the BID will propel Main Street and the surrounding area forward.

Congratulations to the BID team, and thanks to the Government for their support.

The GFSB will continue to support the BID and any other initiatives it feels will benefit GFSB members and Gibraltar PLC.

GFSB Chairperson Julian Byrne said “When I took on the responsibility of Chairperson I had a clear goal in mind, and that was to do all I could to improve business for our members. One of the first tasks was to tackle the city centre, so we commissioned the Main Street review. This was supposed to be a one year project, but it was clear from the findings that more was needed and that the BID would be the way forward. The GFSB has been hard at work behind the scenes to get the BID to a point where it runs itself. It is great to see the strong BID team and how they are moving the project forward, and how many businesses are backing the BID. We are also grateful for the Government’s support.
Overall a great success for the GFSB, the BID and Gibraltar!”


InTouch Magazine Competition Winners

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Big thank you to Wally’s Social, Beacon Press and Aphrodite Beauty for kindly donating prizes for the InTouch Magazine Competition. Look out for the next competition in our Winter Edition OUT SOON.

Congratulations to our winners Esther Benamor and Nicholas Morgan.


GFSB Business Podcast launch

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Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses launches podcast

The Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses will launch a six-part series of podcasts on Tuesday 21st September.

Aimed at small business owners and the wider community, listeners can expect an insightful interview with a different business leader each week. Each show will be different and will include anecdotes, tips as well as some lesser-known information about the individuals and companies featured. As is the case with all GFSB initiatives, this podcast aims to add value and shine a light on Gibraltar’s independent businesses and entrepreneurs too.

Speaking about the upcoming series, Chairman of the GFSB, Julian Byrne said “We are always looking for new ways to engage with our members and the business community in Gibraltar. Sharing important information, providing helpful tips and guidance on business lessons others have learnt is a big part of what the GFSB does. Our social media platforms, website and Intouch magazine reach a wide range of people and businesses, these podcasts will help to expand our reach.

In keeping with the times, we felt it was a good time to launch a new way to engage with our members via the GFSB Business Podcast. Our hope is that members will enjoy the podcasts and that this new platform will grow from strength to strength. We wish to thank the Gibraltar International Bank for their sponsorship and David for all his hard work.”

The first series of the GFSB Business Podcast is supported by the Gibraltar International Bank and features interviews with senior leaders at the Bassadone Automotive Group, MH Bland, Eroski Gibraltar and more. The podcast series will be hosted by David Revagliatte. David has been a freelance writer for the GFSB’s Intouch Magazine for the last three years and has in-depth knowledge of Gibraltar’s business community. He said, “I am super excited to be working with the GFSB on these podcasts. Those tuning in can expect a personal take on local business, learn lots about the companies they have heard of and discover new businesses too.”

Gibraltar International Bank actively supports the community through its work with local charities and public service projects. Speaking about its collaboration with the GFSB, its Chief Business Officer, David Bruce said, “We think the series of GFSB Podcasts is an excellent initiative to create new ways of connecting the business community. We are delighted to be involved in such an innovative approach.”

The GFSB Business Podcast is available on the GFSB website and Spotify, iTunes and Google Podcasts as from next Tuesday 21st September and a new episode will be released every Tuesday for six weeks.

The Main Street & Surrounds BID Business Plan is going to ballot next month!

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The Main Street & Surrounds BID Business Plan is going to ballot next month!

Here’s George Russo, BID Task Group Chairman and Director at International Franchises Limited on why his businesses will be voting yes and supporting the BID:

You may have now received a “Notice of Ballot” letter from Isolas, who will be conducting the month-long, independent postal ballot for the BID Business Plan. Ballot papers will be sent out at the beginning of September, and you’ll have up till 5pm on 29th September to return these to Isolas and have your say on whether you’d like the 5-year BID project to go ahead.

Want more information?

For any questions, more information on the BID Business Plan, how the BID will benefit your business, what your business’ annual BID levy will be or for anything else, please reply to this email or get in touch with BID Project Manager, Jade Edinburgh, on

Kind regards,

The BID Team | Main Street BID



Climate Change Vulnerability & Risk Assessment Consultation

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Climate change is now the biggest challenge of our generation and understanding its potential impacts as well as building capacity to cope with these is of fundamental importance. Understanding the challenges and rising to meet them requires cooperation and collaboration by all citizens. Your feedback is valued and therefore ask you to take a moment to fill in the questionnaire through the following link

Any questions or issues should be addressed to

GFSB response to Budget

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The GFSB notes the measures in the budget and understands that these come in the context of trying times. The Federation would have preferred and had requested, for the minimum wage increase to be postponed for at least a year and for no increases to be made to the cost of utilities.

Aside from these matters, the Federation does not have any significant concerns with the measures in the budget and welcomes the employment and capital tax allowances announced.

However, it does feel that these measures are overshadowed by the large increases that were made to social insurance prior to the budget, which imposes significant additional costs on its members.

Income Tax Office HM Government of Gibraltar – 28 June 2021

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Please note we will no longer be sending you any PAYE forms by mail. All necessary forms are available on our website. They can be filled online and sent to us by email. The forms may be accessed through the following link

P8 Form 2020/2021

Following last year’s electronic and interactive versions of the P8 form, this year it will be made available via our website and can be downloaded via the following link

Additional guidance notes can be found via A service to upload completed forms directly and securely through an online platform will be available via website link –

Form P10/10A – Tax year 2020/2021

You are required to complete Form P10/10A and submit that form to the Income Tax Office by not later than the 31 July 2021.

In Form P10/10A you should include details of all expenses, perquisites and benefits paid in cash or otherwise to each of your employees during the tax year 2020/2021.

You should complete section 3 of Form P10/10A, if you have opted to pay the tax on the benefits paid to your employees in accordance with paragraph 74, Chapter 9, Schedule 7 to the Income Tax Act 2010. Payment of the tax due must be made by no later than 31 July 2021.

Form P12 – Tax year 2020/2021

You are required to complete Form P12 (Details of Pension Scheme Contributions Form) if you have paid contributions for yourself and/or your employees during the tax year 2020/2021 into a pension scheme that is approved by the Commissioner of Income Tax.

You should submit Form P12 to the Income Tax Office by not later than the 31 July 2021.

You need to confirm whether your employees contribute towards an occupational pension scheme (OCC), personal pension scheme (PPS) or Retirement annuity contract (RAC). Furthermore, please ensure that all employees have their correct taxpayer references listed in your reports.

Form P7

You should complete Form P7 and give it to each employee as stated in the form. Form P7 should show the total remuneration, tax and social insurance contributions and benefits in kind (if applicable) paid for the tax year 2020/2021.

Form P7A

If an employee leaves before the end of the tax year, you should complete Form PZA as stated in the form. Part 1 should be submitted to the Income Tax Office and Parts 2 & 3 should be given to the employee.

Remittance Advice Slips for PAYE & Social Insurance Payments

Payments should now be made through our online facility available via the following link Please refer to the guidance and instructional video within this landing page for our e-services.

Submitting PAYE Forms to the Income Tax Office

You can submit the completed PAYE P10 & P12 Forms to the Income Tax Office by email.

The P10/10A and P12 forms needs to be sent to

Please ensure that the Employer’s name and PAYE reference number are clearly shown on all forms submitted.


Yours Faithfully


A Bacrese Morgan for Commissioner of Income Tax


Income Tax Office • HM Government of Gibraltar • St. Jago’s Stone Block, 331 Main Street. Gibraltar GX11 1AA

t +350 20074924 e w

GFSB writes to Government regarding ‘Large Events’ cancellations

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The GFSB has written to the Minister for Business and the Minister for Civil Contingencies regarding the recent cancellation of “large events” announced by Government on 22 July 2021 and the call for “private bars, restaurants and nightclubs to be cautious in the events that they hold, to strictly control numbers and to ensure that clients are vaccinated AND have a negative COVID-19 test result.”

These measures, which effectively put an end to business in the large events sector for the foreseeable future, come just days after the Government was giving permission to events to operate at full capacity and have created considerable uncertainty in the food and beverage sector as to what measures they should now be implementing.

It is not the role of the GFSB to give public health advice and we recognise the fact that Covid cases are rising as are hospitalisations.  The Federation is, however, concerned that policies that fundamentally affect the ability of an entire sector to operate can so rapidly go from “full capacity” to “nothing at all”. It is also concerned that bars, restaurants and private venues are being called on to police much stricter criteria for entry, whilst at the same time being given no practical guidance as to what “being cautious” means in practice or how and when it should be implemented.

The business community is facing amongst the most difficult operating conditions of recent times with the combined challenges of Brexit uncertainty, the pandemic and increased taxes and social insurance announced in the recent budget.  It is quite clear that the fight against the Covid 19 pandemic is not over and that a return to business as usual may yet be many weeks, if not months away.  In those circumstances it is absolutely vital that the Government work with businesses to reduce uncertainty, enabling them to plan as much as is reasonably possible.  We, therefore, ask the Government to;

  1. Conduct meaningful engagement with the business community before rolling out any further public health restrictions;

  2. To work with the business community to establish sector specific measures to be implemented as and when required;

  3. To establish key public health indicators that set out the basis for implementation and easing of restrictions;

  4. To publish that information in a “Lock / Unlock the Rock” document similar to that which was published in 2020.

The GFSB members are acutely aware of the personal tragedies and deaths that Covid has already caused in our community.  We also recognise as much as any other sector, the challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic brings.  It is our members who have seen their businesses closed, their incomes collapse and their plans in tatters.  We recognise the hard work being done by Government, public authorities and agencies to control this pandemic.  However, as it becomes clear that those challenges may remain for many weeks and months, restrictions must be implemented in as predictable and specific a manner as possible and in accordance with established criteria.