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The following discounts are available to all GFSB members:

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10% off for new customers (GFSB Members only)

Rock Radio

3 months for the prices of 2 on our Marketplace, exclusive for GFSB Members.

We’d love to hear from you! Pick up the phone and call us on (+350) 225 05000. Put pen to paper – 61 Governors Street, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA.
Drop us an e-mail to

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Your Data Compliance

YOUR DATA COMPLIANCE, a Gibraltar based business that provides tailored data protection compliance consultancy to organisations across all business sectors, would like to offer all members of the GFSB 10% discount.

Don’t take risk with data protection in your business! Avoid heavy fines, business disruption, prosecution and reputational damage.

Contact us now at

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HMCA Insurance

A new and exiting medical plan to provide tax free cash- Guaranteed acceptance for only £17.50 per month.

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The WorkLab

As a special opening offer, The WorkLab would like to offer all members of the GFSB a Free Hot Desk Day Pass (usually priced at £10 per day!) and the opportunity to come work and see our facilities. Come in, connect to the free WiFi and you are good to go! Enquire now for packages or to book your hot desk +350 200 77953 /

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Atlantic Suite/Ocean Village Health Club

Reduced gym membership and no joining fee.

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Launched on Monday 4th May here at Hedgehog Security we are offering a new service to make cyber security essential and affordable for all businesses. This means your business can pay a monthly fee the same as you would for other essential business utilities and services.
Cyber security should always be at the forefront of your business thinking and play a hugely important part in your day to day business running.

Secure.GI is a new, Security As A Service offering from Hedgehog Security.
Designed and built exclusively for the Gibraltar business community, Secure.GI looks at the seven key areas of Cyber Security Exposure that almost every business has.

Secure.GI looks at:
Attack Surface: How much of your infrastructure, systems and applications are exposed to the internet.
Vulnerabilities: How many vulnerabilities are present within your infrastructure, systems and applications. Secure GI also assesses how old these vulnerabilities are and how easily exploited they can be.
Encrypted Services: Secure.GI looks at the services you have published to the internet and how many of them have good levels of encryption.
Remote Management: How many Remote Management services you have exposed to the internet that can reached by anybody.
Storage: With 80% of all data breaches being from badly configured internet accessible storage, Secure GI assesses you direct storage and then hunts for badly secured/configured cloud storage solutions.
Web: Secure.GI runs in-depth web application security assessments against your web applications and sites to ensure that there are no gaps in your security.
Torrents: Have your users been accessing and downloading Bit Torrent files? Secure GI will identify these.

Secure.GI provides you with a regular security feed, providing you weekly updated scans. And you don’t have to be technical to use it. Setting up requires nothing more than your email address and any domain names you use. The system will determine the rest for you.

Where Secure.GI identifies critical or high risk, you can pass the issue to our team in the World Trade Center and leave us to fix the issues.

We have an exclusive 10% percent discount code just for GFSB members when registering on the site;