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Thank you for your interest in booking the GFSB Conference Room. The Conference Room is for business related meetings & training only. It is not to be used to conduct your business from. Its holds up to 50 attendees seated in rows without tables and about 15 attendees seated boardroom style. There are 12 tables available for you to use in other seating arrangements.

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    The Host is responsible for the Conference Room, its contents and the keys

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    Please make payments via bank transfer to:

    Name: Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses

    Sort Code​: 60-60-60

    Account No: 10447822

    IBAN: GI34NWBK 0606 0601 0447 822


    Can you please include our invoice number and your company name as reference when making the transfer?


    When leaving the premises please ensure you:

    1. Switch lights off.

    2. Close all windows.

    3. Turn off all appliances and equipment (This includes urn & aircon).

    4. Close and lock Conference Room door.

    5. Close main door to Irish Town if you are the last person to leave the building.

    6. Please do not sit on the tables and treat all furniture with care.

    7. Please do not stick any posters etc on the walls.

    8. Please leave the Conference Room as you found it.

    9. Please help the GFSB be eco friendly by using the recycling bins provided.

    Terms and Conditions

      Furniture layout is in a traditional boardroom style (4 table 8 chairs) as seen in photos on the walls. You may re-configurer the furniture as you please before your event. Once your event finishes please return the furniture to its original layout. Time for set-up and tidying up after should be accounted for in your booking times.

      Please clean & tidy up after yourselves, especially between session if you have back to back bookings. If the room is left in an unsatisfiable state you may be charged for the additional cleaning.

      Please ensure you inform the GFSB office staff if anything is damaged as this may encore an extra charge. The GFSB will not be responsible for any property lost or damaged whilst in the GFSB House.

      Keys to the Conference Room can be signed out from GFSB Office from 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday. The onus to collect the keys during working hours is on the person booking the room and the GFSB will not be made responsible if the keys have not been collected on time. It is recommended that you call in advance before collecting the keys.

      Keys will only be given to the host or person indicated on the booking form. Keys can be picked up one working day before the date of the room booking and should be returned at no later than one working day after. If keys are not returned on time or lost there could be an extra charge.

      Full payment is required no later than on the day of the booking.

      The GFSB accepts no responsibility for the safety, preparation, or service of food or drink prepared for, and or served at the event/training named above. This is the sole responsibility of the person holding the booking, and any individuals who partake in the consumption of such food or drink do so entirely at their own risk. It is also the responsibility of the person holding the booking to dispose of waste foodstuff once the event/training has concluded.

      Any booking a month or less from the date of the room booking will be guaranteed. Any bookings made more than a month before will be provisionally booked and can be cancelled at the GFSB’s discretion.

      For additions information which should also be considered before agreeing to the terms and conditions can be found Conference Room page

      The GFSB have right to cancel any room booking. In such an event, you will not be charged. All room bookings that you cancel more than 2 weeks before the booked date will get a full refund. If you cancel a booking with under 2 weeks’ notice, you will be charged 50% of the fee.


    I, the Host, agree to the terms and conditions of the use of the GFSB Conference Room.

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