Thank you for your interest in participating in the GFSB Business Innovation Award sponsored by Gibtelecom.  The award is now open to applicants and the closing date for applications is Friday 28th May 2021.

The GFSB Business Innovation Award is intended to highlight entrepreneurship and wider-based innovation in the way local companies do business, beyond traditional product and processes.


Applicants must have all business licences up to date and produce them on application. Applicants must be fully paid GFSB Members. The GFSB reserves the right to accept or deny applicants.

    About your business

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    Tell us what your business does

    Who are your customers? What product or service do you provide? What is your unique selling point? Where do you do business – online, shop, office etc?
    Hint: If you were making a pitch to a potential customer or at a networking event, what would you say about your business?
    What is your experience of innovation and what is its significance in your business? What is your innovative approach to marketing your product or service? How have you encouraged innovation in the business? What has it achieved?
    Hint: Tell the judges why you think the innovation was needed and why


    I confirm that my organisation wishes to take part in the GFSB Business Innovation Award sponsored by Gibtelecom and that all information in this application is correct.
    I agree to the rules and application process for the Award and accept that the decisions of the Panel are final.

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