The GFSB is currently involved with a number of different awards. The Business Innovation Award, the Gibraltar Sustainable Business Award and the Corporate Wellbeing Recognition Scheme.

Application Form

Closing date for applicates is Friday 28th May 2021

The Prize

The winner of the GFSB Business innovation Award will receive £2,000 worth of IT and communications equipment sponsored by Gibtelecom and one year’s worth of free advertising in the GFSB’s InTouch Magazine to further promote their business.

Business Innovation

New business solutions can be as important as technological or product development. Business innovation can add value and drive the right solutions to customers, and the industry.

This may be with new service offerings to customers or partnerships with suppliers and other collaborators; new approaches to entering the market; or even novel business process operations.

Entrants will be asked to show how the business goes about encouraging creativity and new thinking and how knowledge or technology play an important part in developing the business.

Entries should outline the innovation and its importance, the drive behind it, and what the main benefits are to the company, the market and the customer. It would be best to focus on a particular example of a successful change implemented in the last two years.

Evidence of success will help to make your case, and applications can be supported by additional files containing information and presentations, sales & marketing literature, press releases and any editorial coverage the innovation has attracted.

The judges will be looking for quality of innovation involved, the scale of challenges overcome, potential market impacts and degree of wider applicability, amongst other things. Remember that the first round of the competition is judged based on what you put on this form so we’ve included some hints and tips to help you make a good impression.

The Process

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to make a short presentation about their company to the panel of judges, which will consists of members of the GFSB Board, Gibtelecom representatives and subject matter experts.

The Award will be presented to the winning company at a GFSB event by Gibtelecom and the GFSB and the winners will be advertised in the local press.

For further information, contact the GFSB at or call 20047722.


Congratulations to EBike Gibraltar on winning the GFSB Business Innovation Awards.

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Congratulations to Hempassion on winning the GFSB Business Innovation Awards.

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Congratulations to on winning the GFSB Business Innovation Awards.

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Gibraltar Sustainable Business Award

We also partner with The Nautilus Project for the annual Gibraltar Sustainable Business Award.

The award is judged on local businesses that have implemented the most number of green initiatives at work. Examples may include (but are not limited to):

a. Awarded the most TNP certificates since accreditations began.
b. Implemented Energy Saving practices.
c. Cutback on single-use plastics.
d. Recycling within the workplace.
e. Reduction in CO2 emissions.
f. Sustainability within the workplace.

Corporate Wellbeing Recognition Scheme

We are proud to support and partner with GibSams with the Corporate Wellbeing Recognition Scheme.

The aim is to shift the mindset to recognise that we all have mental health, just as we all have physical health, and that there is a need to create a work culture where mental health and physical health are seen as equal, and where our friends and colleagues are able to have access to the appropriate support for both when it is needed.

The health of a business should start with the health and wellbeing of its employees.

The awards are presented at Gibsams Gala Dinner.