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A key part of our service is offering our members excellent opportunities to network. With our regular speed networking events and our breakfast clubs, getting  your business known is easy.

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Starting and running a business can be challenging we are here to help you with practical advice and support to make sure that you have all the knowledge you need to give you the best chance of success.

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GFSB: Press release post Budget Speech

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The Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses has reacted to yesterday’s Budget announcements.

The federation says that it was anticipated that, given the unique pressures created by the pandemic, on-going Brexit uncertainty and the state of the global economy more generally, this year’s budget “was going to be tough.”

A statement continued: “Even so, the GFSB’s view is that the budget places too much pressure on business in the private sector as the source of additional revenue raising measures. It is not just Government that is feeling the squeeze of the pandemic. Businesses too are still dealing with its effects, and struggling to recover.They are also still dealing with the very substantial revenue raising measures announced in 2021 including a significant rise in social insurance, and a 2.5% increase in corporate taxation.

“Whilst the GFSB has no interest in “austerity” type measures, it is completely legitimate to question why revenue raising measures in last year’s and this year’s budget are not matched by cost cutting and improved efficiency in the public sector. The Government has stated that it is borrowing money in order to cover the existing cost of public sector salaries, and is willing to borrow more to cover the cost of pay rises. The Gibraltar public sector workers already enjoy salaries of up to 40% above their UK equivalents, and the average salary in the public sector dwarfs the average in the private sector. The size of the public sector has grown very significantly in the last 10 years with an increased annual cost to match. Meanwhile our members tell us repeatedly that these increases in numbers and expenditure do not reflect a proportional increase in efficiencies and the number public services.

“Ultimately, borrowing costs are borne by taxpayers including local businesses.

“The budget does not contain any measures that will help to incentivise businesses and revenue generation. The GFSB’s continued calls for the Business Nurturing Scheme to be reinstated has again not been heeded. There is no sign of the implementation of the updated Business Licence Act to protect Gibraltar businesses from unfair competition. Incentives announced in the 2021 budget such as the marketing tax credit have been withdrawn.

“Some measures in particular, will effectively target the smallest businesses unfairly. The new £25 per week Covid Recovery charge (£1,300 per year) does not differentiate between a business size or profitability and will certainly hit members hard. The GFSB has written to the Government asking them to reconsider this charge.

“Overall, the budget introduces additional challenges to an already tough landscape. Businesses will have to take tough decisions including cost cutting, pay freezes and increased efficiency in order to survive. Government should be undertaking the precise same exercise in order to reduce any additional and necessary tax burdens on private businesses.”

Cross Frontier Group (CFG) working hard in the background

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The GFSB Board has actively been attending and making representations to Ministers and key Brexit negotiating parties through the Cross Frontier Group (CFG). The CFG has corresponded with UK, Spanish and EU representatives.

The CFG comprises of what would normally be polar opposites. Labour unions and business organisations lobby key representatives by consensus. Blythe Reeves has been the GFSB lead and representative attending meetings mostly in Spain. The most recent meetings have been with MP Enrique Santiago from the political party Unidas Podemos and Regional Delegate of Employment and Economic Development Alberto Cremades. The GFSB and CFG continue to press negotiating parties to ensure fluidity of persons at the frontier and a favourable Brexit Agreement.

Office of Fair Trading issues Codes of Conducts

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These codes will serve as best practice guidance for businesses that retail goods to ordinary end consumers.

While it is noted by the OFT that most reputable retailers in Gibraltar already largely abide by the principles set out in the code, the code’s introduction will bring much needed clarity for both businesses and consumers should disputes arise from purchases. In particular, it will assist in terms of expected redress outcomes and timeframes for this. This certainty should in turn avoid the escalation of disputes between consumers and businesses as the code is designed to codify silent areas of existing legislation.

The code of conduct is accessible from the Office of Fair Trading’s website ( The OFT is inviting any businesses that wish to receive further guidance on the code to contact the OFT’s Consumer Protection Team. The OFT will be able to deliver a presentation on the principles of the code should enough interest be generated by the sector for this.

The Consumer Protection Team can be reached as follows:

Tel: 20071700



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"We have been members of the GFSB for several years now and find it a valuable membership for our business. Getting to use the training room facilities and all that they provide there is a great help for us in our business. The admin team are always very friendly and helpful to us if we have any questions. We particularly like the regular breakfast meetings and the speed networking events which allow us to meet other members and learn valuable information."

Brenda CubyBC Training

“We are a new local business still in our first year of trading. We joined the GFSB following a recommendation from another member and we are very pleased that we did. It offers great value for money, the staff are friendly and helpful and the events they have organised thus far have provided excellent networking opportunities as well as helping us to gain valuable insight into various local industries.”

Jake JulianCityGuide

"The GFSB networking events are of tremendous value to our business development strategy, having opened doors and provided very interesting leads from local companies, who have in turn shown a strong demand for our services. They have helped us both grow and further promote our local business and services to a wider corporate audience."

Brendan GoltElitech

"We have found the GFSB to be a very useful resource for obtaining local business advice, as well as networking opportunities. They have been instrumental in helping us to shape our business."

Paul JenningsRock IT