Breakfast Clubs

The GFSB holds about one Breakfast Club a month. Sometimes due to other events in the same month, there will be none, and on occasion, there is more than one in a single month. Members are kept informed of upcoming Events and Breakfast Clubs through email circulars. Events are also posted on Social Media pages and on the website.

The Breakfast Club is normally held at 9am for approximately 1 hour and a half. Tea, Coffee and other refreshments together with some breakfast bites are provided for guests as they arrive and get a chance to mingle/network a bit.

They are usually held in the GFSB Conference room, but on occasion, we hold them in one of our members’ venues.

Speakers and subject matter for the morning are carefully picked to ensure members leave informed on the subject and often have an opportunity to ask questions that they have not been able to get an answer to in any other way.

To see past and upcoming Breakfast Clubs please visit our events page –