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Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses

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Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses



The GFSB is a non-profit organisation that exists to help small businesses in Gibraltar to start, grow and thrive. We represent the business community and pressure Government on our members behalf.

If you run or are starting a business in Gibraltar you should consider joining us.

Main Street Review

Read the Main Street review for 2018.


GFSB Conference Room Rental

For your business related meetings & training, get in touch today and rent now.

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A key part of our service is offering our members excellent opportunities to network. With our regular speed networking events and our breakfast clubs, getting  your business known is easy.

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Advice & Support


Starting and running a business can be challenging we are here to help you with practical advice and support to make sure that you have all the knowledge you need to give you the best chance of success.

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Discount System


We have a growing discount scheme.

The goal is to aid companies to do business with each other at reduced rates.

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We are continually holding events for our members. From our informative and interactive breakfast clubs to our training sessions. GFSB Events are a great place to network and grow your business contacts.

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For your business related meetings & training, get in touch today to rent now

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The GFSB Innovation Awards further promotes quality standards, business improvement, innovation and achievement for its members.

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We offer regular subsidised training on a large variety of topics.

Save 40-50% on regular costs of training in Gibraltar.

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We represent Gibraltar businesses on many Boards, we apply pressure on the Government to try to get the best deals we can and can help you solve a great deal of business issues.

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GFSB response to Budget

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The GFSB notes the measures in the budget and understands that these come in the context of trying times. The Federation would have preferred and had requested, for the minimum wage increase to be postponed for at least a year and for no increases to be made to the cost of utilities.

Aside from these matters, the Federation does not have any significant concerns with the measures in the budget and welcomes the employment and capital tax allowances announced.

However, it does feel that these measures are overshadowed by the large increases that were made to social insurance prior to the budget, which imposes significant additional costs on its members.

Income Tax Office HM Government of Gibraltar – 28 June 2021

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Please note we will no longer be sending you any PAYE forms by mail. All necessary forms are available on our website. They can be filled online and sent to us by email. The forms may be accessed through the following link

P8 Form 2020/2021

Following last year’s electronic and interactive versions of the P8 form, this year it will be made available via our website and can be downloaded via the following link

Additional guidance notes can be found via A service to upload completed forms directly and securely through an online platform will be available via website link –

Form P10/10A – Tax year 2020/2021

You are required to complete Form P10/10A and submit that form to the Income Tax Office by not later than the 31 July 2021.

In Form P10/10A you should include details of all expenses, perquisites and benefits paid in cash or otherwise to each of your employees during the tax year 2020/2021.

You should complete section 3 of Form P10/10A, if you have opted to pay the tax on the benefits paid to your employees in accordance with paragraph 74, Chapter 9, Schedule 7 to the Income Tax Act 2010. Payment of the tax due must be made by no later than 31 July 2021.

Form P12 – Tax year 2020/2021

You are required to complete Form P12 (Details of Pension Scheme Contributions Form) if you have paid contributions for yourself and/or your employees during the tax year 2020/2021 into a pension scheme that is approved by the Commissioner of Income Tax.

You should submit Form P12 to the Income Tax Office by not later than the 31 July 2021.

You need to confirm whether your employees contribute towards an occupational pension scheme (OCC), personal pension scheme (PPS) or Retirement annuity contract (RAC). Furthermore, please ensure that all employees have their correct taxpayer references listed in your reports.

Form P7

You should complete Form P7 and give it to each employee as stated in the form. Form P7 should show the total remuneration, tax and social insurance contributions and benefits in kind (if applicable) paid for the tax year 2020/2021.

Form P7A

If an employee leaves before the end of the tax year, you should complete Form PZA as stated in the form. Part 1 should be submitted to the Income Tax Office and Parts 2 & 3 should be given to the employee.

Remittance Advice Slips for PAYE & Social Insurance Payments

Payments should now be made through our online facility available via the following link Please refer to the guidance and instructional video within this landing page for our e-services.

Submitting PAYE Forms to the Income Tax Office

You can submit the completed PAYE P10 & P12 Forms to the Income Tax Office by email.

The P10/10A and P12 forms needs to be sent to

Please ensure that the Employer’s name and PAYE reference number are clearly shown on all forms submitted.


Yours Faithfully


A Bacrese Morgan for Commissioner of Income Tax


Income Tax Office • HM Government of Gibraltar • St. Jago’s Stone Block, 331 Main Street. Gibraltar GX11 1AA

t +350 20074924 e w

GFSB writes to Government regarding ‘Large Events’ cancellations

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The GFSB has written to the Minister for Business and the Minister for Civil Contingencies regarding the recent cancellation of “large events” announced by Government on 22 July 2021 and the call for “private bars, restaurants and nightclubs to be cautious in the events that they hold, to strictly control numbers and to ensure that clients are vaccinated AND have a negative COVID-19 test result.”

These measures, which effectively put an end to business in the large events sector for the foreseeable future, come just days after the Government was giving permission to events to operate at full capacity and have created considerable uncertainty in the food and beverage sector as to what measures they should now be implementing.

It is not the role of the GFSB to give public health advice and we recognise the fact that Covid cases are rising as are hospitalisations.  The Federation is, however, concerned that policies that fundamentally affect the ability of an entire sector to operate can so rapidly go from “full capacity” to “nothing at all”. It is also concerned that bars, restaurants and private venues are being called on to police much stricter criteria for entry, whilst at the same time being given no practical guidance as to what “being cautious” means in practice or how and when it should be implemented.

The business community is facing amongst the most difficult operating conditions of recent times with the combined challenges of Brexit uncertainty, the pandemic and increased taxes and social insurance announced in the recent budget.  It is quite clear that the fight against the Covid 19 pandemic is not over and that a return to business as usual may yet be many weeks, if not months away.  In those circumstances it is absolutely vital that the Government work with businesses to reduce uncertainty, enabling them to plan as much as is reasonably possible.  We, therefore, ask the Government to;

  1. Conduct meaningful engagement with the business community before rolling out any further public health restrictions;

  2. To work with the business community to establish sector specific measures to be implemented as and when required;

  3. To establish key public health indicators that set out the basis for implementation and easing of restrictions;

  4. To publish that information in a “Lock / Unlock the Rock” document similar to that which was published in 2020.

The GFSB members are acutely aware of the personal tragedies and deaths that Covid has already caused in our community.  We also recognise as much as any other sector, the challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic brings.  It is our members who have seen their businesses closed, their incomes collapse and their plans in tatters.  We recognise the hard work being done by Government, public authorities and agencies to control this pandemic.  However, as it becomes clear that those challenges may remain for many weeks and months, restrictions must be implemented in as predictable and specific a manner as possible and in accordance with established criteria.

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We have been members of the GFSB for several years now and find it a valuable membership for our business. Getting to use the training room facilities and all that they provide there is a great help for us in our business. The admin team are always very friendly and helpful to us if we have any questions. We particularly like the regular breakfast meetings and the speed networking events which allow us to meet other members and learn valuable information.

Brenda CubyBC Training

We have found the GFSB to be a very useful resource for obtaining local business advice, as well as networking opportunities. They have been instrumental in helping us to shape our business.

Paul JenningsRock IT

The GFSB networking events are of tremendous value to our business development strategy, having opened doors and provided very interesting leads from local companies, who have in turn shown a strong demand for our services. They have helped us both grow and further promote our local business and services to a wider corporate audience.

Brendan GoltElitech

“We are a new local business still in our first year of trading. We joined the GFSB following a recommendation from another member and we are very pleased that we did. It offers great value for money, the staff are friendly and helpful and the events they have organised thus far have provided excellent networking opportunities as well as helping us to gain valuable insight into various local industries.”

Jake JulianCityGuide