Conference Room

For your business related meetings & training, get in touch today and rent now



£15 per hour

£55 for half day (9-1pm or 1-5pm)

£80 for a full day (9-5pm)


£30 per hour

£110 for half day (9-1pm or 1-5pm)

£160 for a full day (9-5pm)

Bookings going over the 4 hour half day rate, will be charged at the hourly rate. You will not be charged for 10-20 minutes (if the room is available) set-up, but anything over 30 minutes will be charged at the hourly rate. The minimum booking duration time is 1 hour. The Conference Room is available for rent daily between 8.00am – 11pm. If a member is found to be booking the Conference Room for a non-member they will be charged accordingly. Keys to the Conference Room can be signed out from GFSB Office from 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday. The onus to collect the keys during working hours is on the person booking the room and the GFSB will not be made responsible if the keys have not been collected on time. It is recommended that you call in advance before collecting the keys.


The Conference Room is equipped with a projector and screen. There is a metal rod by the stacted extra tables to bring down the screen if needed. Remote for projector and air conditioning are stored in the lectern draw. The air con remotes are colour coded to their corresponding machines. The projector has both HDMI and VGA connections. The projector has a set of small computer speakers connected to it. Please be aware that some Apple devices may need additional adaptor which the GFSB do not provide. A laptop is available on request. Flip chart and whiteboard are available. The Conference Room also has free wifi. The password is displayed on the whiteboard. There is also a folder with instructions to the different Conference Room equipment/appliances on the refreshments table at the back of the room.


The Conference Room is self catering, but the hiring of the room includes tea, coffee, milk and water. There is an urn which needs about 20 minutes to heat up, so please requested it to be switched on beforehand or turn it on on your arrival. GFSB request that if you contract catering service to provide catering in the Conference Room, that you please inform us beforehand. When booking the room please allow yourself time for catering before and after to bring food and remove after your event.

Any food or drink consumed whilst within the GFSB is done at your own risk and the GFSB will not be liable for any adverse reactions.

RULES- Please

  1. Switch lights off.
  2. Close all windows.
  3. Turn off all appliances This includes urn & aircon units.
  4. Close and lock the Conference Room door when finished.
  5. Close the main door to Irish Town if you are the last person to leave the building.
  6. Treat all furniture with care and please do not sit on the tables.
  7. Please report any damages or defects to the GFSB staff.
  8. Please do not stick any posters etc on the walls.
  9. Please leave the Conference Room as you found it.


The Conference Room is for business related meetings & training only. It is not to be used to conduct your business from. Its holds up to 50 attendees seated in rows without tables and about 15 attendees seated boardroom style. There are 12 tables available for you to use in other seating arrangements. To book the Conference Room please fill in the Online Booking Form below.

Online Booking Form


Our office is on the first floor up one flight of stairs, and the Conference Room is on the second floor up an additional flight of stairs.